A New Bishop For Kansas City

Pope Francis has appointed a new bishop for one of my former dioceses. NCRep covered the news, as well as a point of controversy from earlier in Bishop Johnston’s career. A pseudonymous commenter there knew the new bishop when he was in the Knoxville chancery:

I will say this about Bp Johnston: he is extremely kind and an excellent listener, which I think will help the people of KC-SJ heal. He is also a loyal son of the church (you didn’t get to be a bishop otherwise). He has a dry sense of humor and will do his best for his new diocese. He was the best moderator of the curia this diocese has had.

Kindness and an inclination to listen well: for the skill needed to heal people, these are tough to beat.

As for memorials of disgraced leaders, it’s not the only thing one has to be sensitive in dealing with. People skills trump all considerations. But public acts of symbolism are also part of the communication needed.

I don’t suppose any folks from Tennessee or southern Missouri are reading. But if so, what would you say about the man heading to Kansas City?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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