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Getting Clocked in Texas

Interesting story; have you heard? Scary enough to arrest a 14-year-old, but not scary enough to evacuate a school. Because that would have bothered more than just Muslims. And who knows: the team might not have gotten back in time … Continue reading

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Mr Sanders Goes To Liberty

The presidential candidate and US Senator goes to a conservative southern university. What happens? Torches and pitchforks? Naw. An outbreak of civility. A thought experiment: that some avowedly fringe blog would invite someone from a distance to write. It happened … Continue reading

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Laudato Si 96: The Gaze of Jesus

The encyclical letter Laudato Si is available here on the Vatican website. The final theme of Chapter Two is “The Gaze of Jesus.” A quick introduction: 96. Jesus took up the biblical faith in God the Creator, emphasizing a fundamental … Continue reading

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