On My Bookshelf: Theology of Christian Marriage

Theology of Christian MarriageTo keep informed on the upcoming synod,  I’ve been reading Walter Kasper’s Theology of Christian Marriage. It’s been on my literal bookshelf for many years, but until this year I had never cracked it.

In the introduction, the author relates that the topics of this book were originally papers or based on his theological activities in the 1970’s. My Crossroad edition was printed in 1984, translated four years prior, and originally published in German in 1977. So that locates the presentations of this book for us.

As of this writing, I’ve read about a third of it. It’s not hard–this translation comes off better than other German theologians I have read. While the hot-button issues of the day get a lot of attention, I find Professor Kasper to be gentle, respectful, and honest in his dealings with history, theology, and the Magisterium’s approach. Perhaps the opposition is partially political: Walter Kasper is sufficiently unlike his foils, therefore suspect.

Unlike other book reviews in this long-running series, I’d like to peel out a number of insights that struck me, or will nudge me as I make progress through this volume. This book is not long–only 84 pages. With some German-language theologians that might only be a sentence or two. But I would recommend my audience read this book. Even opponents should know what the man really presents, especially if you are convinced his proposals deserve defeat.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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