Guns in Fun

There are some people who have yet to master appropriate interpersonal relationships. I don’t know if Father Kevin Carter is one of them. Rocco whispered this link to people who are defending the man for pointing a musket at a boy. Supposedly the whole thing was in jest between fans of rival NFL teams.

I have a question. Would Fr Carter have pointed his musket at his bishop when the Bears were scheduled to play the Giants?

I suppose there’s no way a history buff keeps a loaded firearm ready for the fans of the other 31 teams. So was there any danger to the lad? Probably not. Is pointing guns at kids the kind of behavior that gives people pause? Definitely yes. Possibly to the point of scandal.

When well-adjusted football fans rib each other over the game and their teams, it usually stays in the realm of fun. There are tragic exceptions, especially in the cases of domestic violence. But in a living room full of friends, it’s pretty likely somebody is going to say, “Dude, forget the gun. Keep it real.” That’s an impulse that could have been followed to better effect.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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