Synod15 Stage Two

Reports on part Two of the synod’s instrumentum laboris are out. Interesting reading. Summary of all language groups here. Individual small group discussions are summarized here.

At least two groups mentioned the book of Tobit, grossly underutilized in the Church’s presentation of the ideal of marriage.

English group D had an interesting back-and-forth on Lectio Divina:

Many customs of reading Scripture already exist in the various cultures of our English-speaking group. Some should be incorporated into the text. Several group members promoted Lectio Divina, even when read within an inter-faith context. Others thought the Lectio Divina process too complex for people of today.

Complex? Really?

I was looking for two things. A recognition of the need for support between and among married couples. I’ve been disappointed that a meme of family versus the world is perhaps too strong an undercurrent.

I’ve also been looking for at least a basic acknowledgement of baptism as the primordial sacrament of vocation. One cannot really expect priests and married persons to have a mature understanding of vocation unless they are firmly grounded in baptism and life as a disciple.

Starting with the vocation to discipleship satisfies many of the overall concerns about these two sacraments: personal maturity, self-indulgence, narcissism, and sacrifice.

What are you readers seeing in the synod so far?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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5 Responses to Synod15 Stage Two

  1. charlesincenca says:

    Ignatian Exercizes and Lectio Divina aside- dysfunction. Sad.

  2. Todd says:

    Dysfunction? What do you mean–that bishops are human beings, flawed and imperfect?

  3. Liam says:

    I confess I am actively resisting following the daily so-called coverage of the Synod. Then again, that’s my general approach to topical events that invite saturation coverage; I find blow-by-blow coverage greatly distorting in its truthfulness and in its effect on those who consume it, and I have an extremely strong bias against news sources that prey upon the anxieties of their readers. I will wait for things to settle down to take in more considered assessments.

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