Adoption in English Group 4

stamp.jpgI checked the final small group reports for mentions of adoption. Two groups hit the topic. This paragraph in English #4 for starters:

In the section on adoption, some discussion ensued about the right of a child to have both a mother and a father. Members noted the difficulty of some Churches in the western world continuing to offer adoption services in the face of government pressure to support adoption by same-sex couples.

Another disappointment that shows the Church needs to get over a focus on what it does for children in its own care, and pay closer attention to the many millions of children who languish in foster homes or public institutions.

There is nothing wrong with the Church retooling its adoption efforts to urge couples to flood non-church agencies with their applications. Most dioceses have shut down adoption services because the few numbers of infants available to Catholic Charities just don’t merit the amount of time needed compared to other budget concerns. A friend who directs a regional CC office said her entire archdiocese placed seven children in five years.

The other group’s shorter paragraph:

El tema de la adopción también centró nuestra atención. En algunos países y ambientes no resulta fácil abordarlo por la propia legislación, pero debe quedar claro que, en toda adopción, debe prevalecer y debe ser respetado el bien del niño por encima de cualquier otro interés.

This seems more balanced to place the needs of the child above other considerations. If there are not enough Catholic families and couples willing to adopt, and if non-Catholic, unmarried, same-sex, or remarried couples or persons present themselves as psychologically and socially acceptable candidates, the Church has nothing to say. Especially if it involves the millions not in our care. Don’t those millions deserve a family, and if so, what are we going to do about it?

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  1. Liam says:

    For them who are interested, here are all of the reports of the circoli minori (small groups) at the Synod on the third part of the Synod’s Instrumentum laboris – three French, four English, three Italian, two Spanish and one German:

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