Synod Wraps

Synod15 is more or less done. Father Louis Cameli has five suggestions for future efforts, and I like numbers 2 and 4. Moving the synod to a monastery or a place of retreat sounds about right to me. More theologians would be good, too.

Bishop Lucas Van Looy of Ghent, Belgium suggests a new era. I think he is right. Pastors who are struggling with people struggling with significant obstacles won’t be looking over their shoulders as much, and I think the wind will be taken out of the sails of busybodies. Sure, people will still get occasional bad advice. And there might be the occasional mess (like the time a married couple got an annulment before the divorce was final and had decided to reconcile).

The bishops and other participants are looking forward to home, no doubt. Safe travels to them all.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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