Manifesting Mercy

Pope FrancisThe Holy Father had some footnotes for his synod-concluding speech last week. The final note was an acrostic reflection on “FAMIGLIA,” or Italian for you-know-what word. M is for Mercy, right?

Manifesting and bringing God’s mercy

  • to families in need;
  • to the abandoned,
  • to the neglected elderly,
  • to children pained by the separation of their parents,
  • to poor families struggling to survive,
  • to sinners knocking on our doors and those who are far away,
  • to the differently able,
  • to all those hurting in soul and body,
  • to couples torn by grief, sickness, death or persecution;

Nine points, all good material for reflection, but not for a post-synod study group. It’s a good list for a Christian disciple to reflect upon. Which of these are your specialty, your mission? And for parishes, probably all of them deserve some attention on a consistent basis.

Number four is striking, especially given the schizophrenic approach of the pro-family + rigor approach. One would think that any two-parent household is better than one for the children of separated parents.

Number six: those people far away from our doors. That’s getting out past our front porch and into the city, the gateways, and the peripheries, isn’t it?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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