Aiming For Unconditional Love

Pope FrancisThe Holy Father finished the text release of his synod-concluding speech with an acrostic reflection on “FAMIGLIA,” or Italian for you-know-what word. The last letter begins a brief arrow to a common action for all believers. Let’s read:

Aiming to love unconditionally all families, particularly those experiencing difficulties, since no family should feel alone or excluded from the Church’s loving embrace, and the real scandal is a fear of love and of showing that love concretely.

Not only a fear of love, but a worship or idolatry of other passions: revenge, suspicion, anger, and other things I’ve read in the comments of many rigorists the past month who seem to have no room in the heart to reach out to those who have failed.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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