Seeing Red

Starbucks red cup 2015Wait, let me guess …

Pentecost? Good Friday? Some Pacific Northwest martyr?

Readers know I’m not inclined to defend corporations, even ones with local roots. But if a few non-conscientious objectors in the War on Christmas are demanding “Bible verse or else,” as a return to seasonal traditions of snowflakes, ornaments, and dogs on sleds, I have only a chuckle and a shake of the head to offer in response.

The salient question is why the warriors aren’t objecting to that green goddess on the logo. Yule log, anyone?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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4 Responses to Seeing Red

  1. Jen says:

    It’s a mermaid. She’s been Starbucks’ logo since the company began, I believe. And all the to-do over a plain red cup is making me want to get an egg nog latte out of spite, and I’m lactose intolerant.

  2. Atheist Max says:

    I wish I could find it amusing. I can’t. The tedium of having to defend Starbucks from certain loud mob of bigots over a red cup is now obligatory – let it be a teaching moment.

    When a religion insists that non-believers honor its claims it is not looking for respect but for surrender and submission – even if it is only over a cup or the right to draw something. When Charlie Hebdo’s employees were slaughtered over cartoons many religious people said, “Oh, well, they had it coming for daring to offend. They were bigots.”

    Now – in full self-rigtheous mode – they are trying the same medicine against non-Christians. Who says the reason for the season isn’t Saturnalia? Or solstice? Or nothing in particular? Had Americans stood in solidarity with the cartoonist’s rights to free speech (instead of focusing on the sort of speech) perhaps the Christian right in the USA would think twice about turning a silly red cup into a cause.

    If Starbucks buckles under this clutch of crybabies it will be a small (but meaningful) loss for freedom of speech and another reason to be angry with the ‘rights’ of the religious. The freedom to drink from a red cup may not seem like much of a cause but that is why it must not be overlooked.

    “Selfishness is not living life as you wish, it is wanting others to live their lives as you wish them to.” – Oscar Wilde

  3. Jim McCrea says:

    And folks wonder why that ranks of the “nones” keep growing.

    Bible verses on a Starbucks cup? Really? Will they carry plenary indulgences if said 5 times before the cup is empty?

  4. Liam says:

    I spent the weekend with a friend from high school in his new home in a tropicalish clime. He’s not an observant Christian, but he is fairly libertarian to populist conservative. He posed a question to me about Simon Malls’ decision to get rid of a Christmas tree near its mall Santas and modernize its Santa settings: he wanted to know what I felt about it. I said, well, I am rather old fashioned, so I am generally in favor of anything that separates Christmas from commercialism (he knows that, in my family while I was growing up, it was St Nicholas who brought the decorated creche and Christmas tree overnight on Christmas Eve after the youngest children went to bed..,,,) but that, on the other hand, St Nicholas is a more expressly religiously Christian symbol of the holiday than the tree, so Simon Malls’ decision was kinda odd.

    My friend was not satisfied at all. He feels, for some reason, that this is an attack on his holiday expectations. I mentioned how I felt about Black Friday shopping bilging into Thanksgiving, but he countered that he knows his womenfolk find shopping to be a major holiday joy of theirs.

    Clearly, we come at this from very different frames of reference…

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