The Coming Mercy

The Jubilee of Mercy is half-a-month away. I have a few ideas for intermittent posts, but nothing regular. Certainly not daily, as I had envisioned some months ago. Pope Francis has a better grasp on mercy, and will undoubtedly keep preaching it. Your diocese and parish should be going things, and those are better places than the blogosphere to experience and reflect on mercy.

I’ve been reading the occasional recent caution on “fake” mercy. I agree in theory. Any good thing can be corrupted if taken to extremes, or just misunderstood. But it seems more likely that canon law, rubrics, and other such elements are as likely to impart a “fake” religiosity if the heart is not truly touched by morality or liturgy.

I’ve also been experimenting with commenting on other people’s blogs the past month or so. It’s what got me started with my own twelve years ago. I think I can safely say it has sparked no desire in me for an energetic restart here. A month is a good period of testing. And as I’ve alienated a good friend in the bargain, I think I’ll have mercy on all considered and retire permanently from comboxing.

There’s a chance I might pull the plug on Laudato Si’ before I finish. The posts are all lined up, but as I review them and pop them into the schedule queue, I don’t find it as thrilling/fulfilling an enterprise as I once did.

There are only 16 readings and psalms to go, and then the Reconciliation project will be done. I don’t anticipate adding more non-Lectionary readings to any of the efforts on funerals or weddings. As those constitute most of the traffic these days, they will stay up.

Otherwise, time for mercy. Family members here and far are dealing with issues. It’s not that I don’t care about my internet friends, but I’m committed to a better mindfulness when it comes to the people closer to me.

Meanwhile, the posts will continue at a pace of about sixty, seventy a month. Then in Lent it might ramp down to twenty. Or possibly none. We shall see.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to The Coming Mercy

  1. Mary says:

    I can understand the desire the stop posting – am amazed at how prolific you are. But I do hope you’ll leave already posted material up, I’ve found some (eg the commentary on rites for blessing a new church) incredibly useful. And your bite sized approach is the only way I’ve found to making most church documents accessible to people without professional theology training.

  2. Hillary says:

    Hi Todd! I occasionally enjoy reading your commentary too. Before you decide to disappear, perhaps you’d like to tackle the “Rite of Consecration to a Life of Virginity Lived in the World” from the Roman Pontifical? I would be curious to see your perspectives.

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