The Innocence Mission

The_Innocence_Mission_-_GlowSo often I find I’m late to the party on good new music. There’s little to be found on commercial radio. But not none. Sometimes I listen to a series of songs on YouTube and find myself noticing that right-hand column and I find something notable.

About two years ago, that was how I found some songs by The Innocence Mission. There used to be a full band, a video or two, and even a Letterman appearance. These days, multi-instrumentalists Karen and Don Peris seem satisfied to write and record at their leisure and stick close to the family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There’s a whole raft of albums going back about twenty-plus years. Possibly my favorite is Glow, released in 1995.

More recent releases have a stripped down approach and more acoustic sounds. I’ve noticed a reed organ on some songs–reminds me of my dad’s that used to be in the basement and now inhabits a house back in Iowa.

I find I have to concentrate on Ms Peris’ lyrics. Or read along as the music plays. My wife doesn’t see the point if a singer’s not crystal clear in presentation. I usually agree, but it’s a forgivable indulgence to enjoy music that rather fits the “innocence” of the association.

Interesting the genesis of this band: they met during a Catholic high school production of Godspell; they jammed Zeppelin tunes in the garage, then found themselves on a fairly big record label while still in their twenties, and then parted ways. I suppose to live life as they wished.

Hugely recommended.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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  1. hdlmatchette says:

    you should read this book. it defends LGBT marriage from a roman catholic traditionalist perspective:

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