Looking At Misericordia: Charity and Truth

Christ the King Almada

We continue looking at that acrostic reflection Pope Francis gave in his address to the curia last December. C is for “charity.” And a bit more.

7. Charity and truth: two inseparable virtues of the Christian life, “speaking the truth in charity and practicing charity in truth” (cf. Eph 4:15). To the point where charity without truth becomes a destructive ideology of complaisance and truth without charity becomes myopic legalism.

Brief, but difficult. This may be my personal stumbling block of the twelve Pope Francis offered. Lots of people assume that when we keep quiet about things it’s because we want to be well-liked. If that reflects your upbringing, fine. But in my experience, inconvenient truths got you yelled at.

For me, additionally, the challenge is to be able to receive the truth when it is given in charity, or even when it is not. A lot of people in the church and outside of it surround themselves with safe persons. Bosses, especially suffer great handicaps when they do not present themselves as individual ready to receive bad news. It is costly in terms of time, money, success, and relationships.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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