Frederic’s Folly

This day tripped up a young pirate and his love:

I bound myself to serve the pirate captain
Until I reached my one-and-twentieth birthday …

Some countries have legal provisions for those born on Leap Day. Otherwise you’ll have to be accurate in your documentation regarding birthdays and years of age.

Nice diagram from the wikihood to illustrate shifting dates and times of the summer solstice:

leap shifting


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3 Responses to Frederic’s Folly

  1. Liam says:

    Love that chart. I was just checking my almanac the other day to see how much earlier the equinoxes and solstices would be this year (in Greenwich Time).

    In my quadrennial trivia offering: technically, the day inserted into a bissextile* year was either February 24th or 25th in our current reckoning.The Oxford Companion to The Year has a suitable discussion in an appendix. Practice varied for centuries, but when the the Roman sanctoral cycle finally got standardized, it opted to treat the 24th as the inserted day (for example, the feast of St Matthias the Apostle would be moved from the 24th to the 25th), but that got lost in the postconciliar calendar (I think the post conciliar Martyrology followed suit).

    This practice followed the Julian (as in Caesar) reform of the calendar. February 23rd was the last day with a scheduled observance in the old Roman pagan/civic calendar (it was the Terminalia – celebrating Terminus, the god of boundaries; it was on that day in AD 304 that the emperor Diocletian began his Great Persecution of Christians in Nicaea) before the old Roman new year began with March, so Caesar stuck the day in after that.

    * As in “two sixth” days before the Kalends of March, inclusive.

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