Observing Friday and/or Lent

STA GF 2007RNS linked Cardinal Dolan’s post questioning if we have lost it.

What does the tradition tell us? Have Irish folk dispensed from eating corned beef on a day that always falls within Lent? Have some stooped to eat capybaras and muskrats and even lobster and crab so as to observe Fridays?

The RNS comments are chirpier than I remember, bringing up misogyny, television, and unbelief.

When I take stock of my prayer life, I wonder if I could be praying two sessions a day instead of one. If I were on a silent retreat, it would be four or five.

Are retreat houses more full during these forty days?

Not sure what’s to be done about sporting events taking place during Lent and Holy Week. If a team advances in the basketball tournament, the choices are pretty much Holy Thursday-plus-Holy Saturday or Good Friday and Easter.

(C)oaches in our parishes will complain that CYO games cannot be scheduled on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

Hmm. A few coaches I knew scheduled practices on those days, especially Friday–no classes to conflict wioth extra training.

Anybody got any answers?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Observing Friday and/or Lent

  1. Liam says:

    Unfortunately, I read +Dolan’s column knowing he was trying to get the USCCB late in the reign of B16 to follow the lead of the bishops of England and Wales on restoring mandatory abstinence to all Fridays of the year (other than, presumably, Easter Friday, the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart and other Friday solemnities….) but it stalled out. So I am partly reading his column as an indirect whine about that failure.

    I could write on and on about this with TMI, so I will discipline myself from doing that unless I feel it is of use to anyone else.

  2. Lady Bird says:

    Good Friday is a solemn day of observance. As Catholics we need to give witness to our feeling and understanding about the crucified Christ. Taking a day of vacation off from work to think about what Christ’s death has meant to our liberation and salvation should be a no brainer. No TV No movies No dinner out. It is one day out of the year to reflect on the awesomeness of it. I recommend attending Good Friday Services and later watching with family Mel Gibson’s, The Passion, every year on Good Friday while fasting (no little ones, though).

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