Open Friday, The Last of Lent

Two more Penance readings are in the queue for publication–the last psalm tomorrow and the last Old Testament reading of that series Monday. That leaves the big parable of Luke 15 and one other in the draft pile. I don’t find I have much to say about either. Maybe I will get inspired if not too busy the coming week (ha!). More likely, they will get some commentary in the weeks ahead.

The apostolic exhortation is due out tomorrow. Once I look it over, maybe I will feel urged to comment on that. Otherwise, I’m struggling to recall a church document I feel strongly enough to offer some organized thoughts. We began on this site with Vatican II documents a decade ago. Scripture readings for weddings, and then funerals were an offshoot of that effort. Those two series still lasso most of the real and ghost traffic that visits here.

I’ve been finding that composing has attracted much more of my attention these days. One of my parishioners is an accomplished musician and composer, and I’ve been arranging some of her psalm settings for piano and three-part choir. Adding that to my own efforts with psalms from the new Grail (maybe about a dozen since last Fall), plus some renewed inspiration on my musical based on Ruth (only two major songs to go), I’m feeling less inspired to write here on CS. Doing music ministry full-time has been more refreshing than I thought it might be.

The Church’s Lenten pilgrimage moves to a final week. I hope your part in it has been fruitful. For me, I’ve been feeling just enough nudge to post once a day here. No music or news radio in the car–that’s been one of my commitments, and a positive one. The young miss has decided to go vegan, but I suspect that is more about dietary ethics and better health than a religious/spiritual observance.

Are there any readers who would like to report some good directions this Lent? With the end so near, not much chance of jinxing yourself.

Some of you might shoot me for asking, but Max, Dick, FrM: how are you doing these days? Have any personal words that don’t, for the former two, involve a lot of ctrl-C and -V work?

Meanwhile, peace to all.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Open Friday, The Last of Lent

  1. Liam says:

    Well, on the prayer front this year, in addition to daily Rosary (replaced by Sacred Heart devotions on Fridays), I’ve adopted a course study/meditation through the Gospels (except on Sundays), the combination of which has been fruitful. While I strongly prefer the RSV translation, I’ve taken to using the USCCB online because it has much better notes and I don’t want to haul around my dusty New Jerome Biblical Commentary….

    Basically, the course reading for the first four weeks of Lent is of Mark then Matthew then Luke then John, up until the Triduum narratives. This week is the Last Supper and Passion narratives of Mark, Matthew and Luke. Next week is the Last Supper and Passion narrative of John, followed by the Resurrection+ narratives of all four Gospels on Holy Saturday.

    I’ve noticed things this way that I’ve not fully engaged before.

    Then I’ve just planned out studying/contemplating Acts over Eastertide.

  2. FrMichael says:

    Doing well here. I’ve been here now for several years, so the liturgy committee has been empowered and well-catechized (we just finished the GIRM, now going on to another liturgical document) and all the aspects of liturgical preparation are going well. The parish has a unique charitable project that requires hundreds of parish volunteers over the course of a month, including during this time of Holy Week and Triduum. Trying not to burn out my volunteers.

    Personally, I had a wonderful confession last week, very energized for ministry! Thanks for asking.

    God bless you and your parish during this busy time!

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