Not All Are Satisfied

One might say that no one is. I was cruising a few Mother Angelica tributes, and I found two offering interesting contrasts.

At PrayTell, they couldn’t get right the spelling of one of her favorite foils in the episcopacy. But they did offer a liturgical-tinged obit. I don’t agree with the content. I said so in a comment before it was sunk (poke to you, Charles), and probably better all around to shut down the comments on a thread like that. De mortuis, and all that. If you can’t say anything good, it’s probably better to say nothing. Likely best to just pray for the person, especially if that seems distasteful.

I was slightly surprised at the lament at the emangelization site 1P5. The headline cites speaking truth to power. That usually goes over well with an advocate as long as it’s not their power. Speaking of the deceased’s feuds with select bishops:

Mother made enemies by taking such stands. Powerful enemies that cost us her voice even before her debilitating stroke. In his book, EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong, Christopher Ferrara tells a story many Catholics have to this day never heard …

Lots of tributes I’ve seen cite Mother A’s tenacity, faith, and reliance on prayer. I’m sure if the target in the college of cardinals is a disliked guy, like Mahony or Burke, antifanboys and girls will cheer anybody chirping on stuff. But generally one doesn’t succeed in life or faith by being a slave to the culture of complaint. Or a conspiracy advocate.

I just offer the observations as indicative of the culture of Catholicism at this point in time, especially in its internet manifestation. Somebody dies. Traditional Catholicism prescribes prayer, vigils, and a focus on the salvation of Christ. Commentary like this isn’t liturgical, but it’s of the same genus and species as eulogies–only as seen in a dark mirror. It’s not Catholic, no matter how good it feels to take aim at people one dislikes.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Not All Are Satisfied

  1. charlesincenca says:

    I read both articles as well, Todd. I also noted the chronic misspelling of Roger’s surname. I don’t recall commenting at PTB, but I’ll take the poke as friendly (?). I thought both reflections were quite overwrought. IMO, folks would get a fair hearing of Mother by actually reading Arroyo’s bio. A plain-speaking evangelizer isn’t the worst elixir for the world’s woes right now.

  2. charlesincenca says:

    That’s funny…just had another one deleted with the Mother Angelica/Trump gaffe. But Anthony was kind enough to send a note saying it was policy not personal.

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