What A Difference A Year Makes

I was thinking US politics. Outsiders getting some heavy support. Losers in this election year will have good reason to take things pretty hard. Will any of them be good losers, too? And if not, what will happen?

I was thinking British soccer.

I was thinking my geographical location. My previous biggest move was 665 miles. Not only did the family and I traverse nearly 1800 miles, but we’re surrounded by mountains, trees, and salt water instead of a university, its students, and corn fields not far out of town.

On this site, three documents in progress, and now we’re down to one, and not much else getting posted.

Maybe some things don’t change all that much. I’m still getting used to living two time zones away. Deep down maybe I don’t like change as much as I hope I would.

At the student center, I used to see a great deal of change. Young adults have dramatic shifts in growth–even with their soap opera lives set aside. I read a nice note on fb last night from a student who is graduating–a young man with much talent, enthusiasm, and promise. He certainly has weathered much change.

My new parish has a lot more older people: parents, empty-nesters, and retirees than my last faith community. Is this also the end of big changes for me? The only significant American places farther away than where I am now are Hawaii and Alaska. And I don’t foresee opportunities there or abroad in my future.

When I was discerning spiritual direction studies a few years ago, I was pondering that the physical adventures of my life were likely coming to a close. If I were to approach new horizons, it would most likely be in the realm of the spiritual life. Great adventures wait there, to be sure.

For today, I’ll celebrate my young friends back in the Midwest who are embarking on a significant shift in their lives. I hope they enjoy it all. And look back in 2017 on what a difference a year has made.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to What A Difference A Year Makes

  1. Melody says:

    Hope you are enjoying your new home. It sounds like a beautiful area. But one always misses people and things that were left behind.

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