Guns and Poses

1280px-Modern_Hunting_RifleOn retreat last week, I did hear a bit about Orlando. The monastic community prayed. We got a brief homily that touched on it, too. In looking at the gospel reading from last Monday, the preacher also mentioned that if an objecting pastry chef is asked to provide a cake for a same-sex wedding, perhaps two could be given. That had never occurred to me, but maybe it’s a bit too deeply theological for the run-of-the-mill Christian frowning at rainbows. Or needing to raise funding for the culturewar.

Getting back into the real world unfortunately means a return to various discussions of politics. I always find Rand Richards Cooper’s commentary apt, and his writing is even better. Like here on guns. I had no heart to read through 140-plus comments though.

I think Mr Cooper’s questions are well-given. But to be honest, I have no desire to ask them of anyone on the side of Amendment Two. It’s like talking to many of our political pro-lifers and pro-choice folks. The issue seems more about respective Maginot lines and fundraising. And feel-good chumming with the pack flock swarm peeps.

For me, it’s time to stop writing anything about guns. Like I did much anyway. The whole discussion is just cray-cray. It might even be counter-productive. Last time the president spoke out against a massacre, a bit of my facebook feed was insisting the Prez is taking away their guns so the natural order of things is to go out and buy a few more. I’m sure arms dealers love the activists collectors.

I think it may be time for advocates of background checks and whatnot to just remain silent for the next mass murder(s). Let the gun people have the stage. Let them ask their own questions, provide answers with a smile and keep their narrative running. The rest of us can pray, light candles, and build community. I for one have no interest in any public opposition to massive gun ownership. And pacifism can be well-cultivated in the hearts and lives of one’s own circle. Or especially self.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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