Corporate Disrespect

wells fargo wagonWells Fargo was about the third or fourth company that held my Kansas City mortgage. If I still lived there, I’d have to explore some way of selling the debt to someone else. Or raising such a ruckus they’d give me the home for free.

Their disrespectful ad got a lot of flame on social media.

A ballerina yesterday. An engineer today.

An actor yesterday. A botanist today.

Apology offered, of course.

Nothing wrong with engineers and botanists, of course. I trained for science as an undergraduate. Some of my best friends were (and are) engineers.

It’s not a hallmark of an advanced civilization to emphasize reason at the expense of the heart. It’s really all over the place–it’s infected the Church significantly, too.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Corporate Disrespect

  1. Mary says:

    Sorry, that doesn’t disrespect artists, it just acknowledges that for every few thousand wannabe ballerina / actor / musician, maybe one makes a living from the arts. The rest go on to get real-world days jobs, and enjoy their arts participation as a hobby.

    Mountain, molehill, much.

    • Todd says:

      Or not so much. The same thing happens to prospective scientists in college. My lab partner freshman year deeply desired to be a chemist. Chemistry majors were weeded out by the department. (Like pre-meds, physicists, etc.) Her dreams crashed and burned when she scored low on her intro to chemistry tests. I never saw her second semester–I know she dropped out–hopefully to another college. Maybe she had the aptitude to be a scientist. Maybe not. But not everybody who wants to be a scientist or engineer gets to do it, either.

      It’s about people learning and following their gifts. Not what the practical-minded tell them.

  2. Linda says:

    I’m lost. Why is everyone offended at everything these days? I can gather being a ballerina and acting are things typically done at a young age, much like athletics. A very rare few of us are talented enough to do those things for a living after a while. There are less than 1,000 MLB players in a given year and likely not many more full-time actors. I think the people who are offended need to take a step back and realize life isn’t about them.

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