From the Healing Mass

healing-mass-22nov16One of my facebook friends snagged this image from last night’s Mass. My hammer dulcimer is totally obscured; I am not dozing off during the entrance song.

It’s an interesting experience, this inclusion of charismatic healing with Mass. I was given no outline or much liturgical guidance. I was a bit surprised the word came from our visiting clergy: readings of the day. There are a lot of good Scriptures in the Pastoral Care rites appropriate for a Mass in this situation, even if sacramental anointing is not part of the plan. I took the liberty of using one of the psalms (the 27th) and a Gospel verse from the Rite.

The preaching was quite good, and the post-liturgical experience of healing was different from others I’ve known. Not surprising really, as there is no actual rite for this kind of prayer. One of my choir members asked why I wasn’t going forward and if I was a skeptic.

Not a skeptic, I said. I’ve already got some good news from my physician. I’ve dropped some weight that has creeped back on since my diet of five years ago. He’s had me off my cholesterol meds for a month and I should get word in a few days on this afternoon’s blood test. He’s also asked me to do blood pressure readings for a week to see if we can tweak my hypertension meds too. I posted on facebook that I’d be one very happy camper to lose one or even two of these prescriptions.

Meanwhile, on the liturgy front, anybody with experiences of charismatic healing yoked to a liturgy? Just curious.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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