Star Dawn

In a liturgy/music/astronomy/science fiction mash-up, I’d like to nominate Alan Hovhaness’ mini-symphony “Star Dawn” for your December listening experience. From the review at a tribute site for the composer:

In this work evoking space travel, bells symbolize the stars, flowing melodies a sense of journey, and chorales symbolize (humankind). The first movement describes a journey from Earth, the second mankind’s arrival at a distant planet. The first movement contains a noteworthy chromatic vibraphone passage of some length. The work’s ‘symphonic’ credentials, however, are somewhat questionable, with a second movement clocking in at a mere 4 minutes (the first movement is 9 minutes). Indeed, the work was originally cast in three movements, but one was discarded. Notwithstanding this, there is an excellent recording of ‘Star Dawn’ on Naxos.

I think that interstellar travel would take something longer than thirteen minutes. But for an Advent reflection, maybe it suits.

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