Open Thread On Christian Varieties

Dick Martin took exception to a deleted comment and an edited comment. Recently, he offered this comment on an Amoris Laetitia post:

This is twice my replies have been deleted. Shows you’re against some one who has a different view of the truth of Christianity.

It is more logical to deduce that when one’s posts are deleted, one opposes the ideas presented. Not the person herself or himself. I had intended to repost the off-topic comment to a new thread, as is my usual practice. I plead a busy week.

One or two of my readers have asked that I ban two or three of my more contentious readers from commenting. But I remain skeptical of that practice. I’ve advised people who want to go off topic on things like Christian differences to do one of two things: wait for an open thread, or request a separate post via email or a comment box. I don’t feel the obligation to offer an open thread very often. That leaves the direct contact option. My email is in the sidebar, and I’m even easier to find online. I find personal contact to be … more personal, if not more Christian.

Mr Martin is more than welcome to contact me via the comment boxes here, or by private e-mail. He also has the option of starting his own website and promoting his side of the “truth” rather than only replaying particular differences in other people’s spaces.

Sometimes differences between Christians have nothing to do with theology, religion, or even Jesus.


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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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