Keep ‘Em Guessing

On my facebook page this morning, recommendations to join these groups: Traditional Orthodoxy and Ultimate Lesbians. Also something suggesting I go for a hot air balloon ride in Sweden. Only 20 000 kronor.

I make it a habit to minimize my likes, groups joined, and such. I’m sure that’s a baffle to those who want to devise an algorithm to determine how I can support my global corporate masters.

Still, somebody in cyberspace is on to what I’ve been ordering from Amazon. The dietary supplements of the young miss are of great interest to somebody out there.



About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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One Response to Keep ‘Em Guessing

  1. What is Traditional Orthodoxy and Ultimate Lesbians, Todd? This seems to me off hand like a pretty close description of what we have on the right and on the left within the church, until you realize there are really no women in control in the visible church.

    It is, however, about the Trans War – but the war among the men.

    On the right you have no “Traditional Orthodoxy”, at least not among clerics. What you have is brute male (masculine looking) homosexuals, or suppressed homosexuals, mostly pederasts, and on the left you have the femme homosexuals, who are also involved in sex crimes, but actually less of them, as they still tend to retain characteristics of human empathy.

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