The Armchair Liturgist Provides the Order of Mass

PrayTell discusses college student assessments of Sunday worship. One comment from one you know well:

It’s why the Order of the Mass should always be available and easy to find. Failing to do that is a signal failure of hospitality.

Ditto for musical settings of the Ordinary, btw.

How would you handle this  in your parish, were the decision yours? Seasonal missals tend to be easier than annuals, which tend to be easier than hymnals. The latter are often geared to music selections though they do often contain Mass ordinaries. (Though possibly not the 2010 texts. I visited a parish last weekend that had 1986 hymnals in its pews–though still in good shape.)

The Sunday Mass is in at least three places for worshipers following in a book: the responses, the readings, and the music. How do you put it all together? I once commented that in 2030, we’d be passing out programmed tablets with just the stuff for the day, all arranged in a neat order of service. How would you comment on this issue of liturgical hospitality?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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