CDCN Positive Proposal #5: Latin Mass, Fully-Sung Mass

More on the importance of cathedrals and basilicas:

5. We suggest that in every basilica and cathedral there be the encouragement of a weekly Mass celebrated in Latin (in either Form of the Roman Rite) so as to maintain the link we have with our liturgical, cultural, artistic, and theological heritage. The fact that many young people today are rediscovering the beauty of Latin in the liturgy is surely a sign of the times, and prompts us to bury the battles of the past and seek a more “catholic” approach that draws upon all the centuries of Catholic worship.

Maybe. Maybe not. I’ve heard young people also tire of the Church’s involvement in the culturewar. And a truly “catholic” approach is not only one for all times, but for all lands and cultures.

Does Latin have a place? I think it does. Does an unreformed missal have a place? According to the council bishops, no.

With the easy availability of books, booklets, and online resources, it will not be difficult to facilitate the active participation of those who wish to attend liturgies in Latin. Moreover, each parish should be encouraged to have one fully-sung Mass each Sunday.

Only one? That’s the model of the old High Mass, something I would very much like to see vanish. Getting the priest to sing has its own challenges. In doing so, does he draw too much attention to himself? I don’t think the dialogues are a problem in most places. But I’ve met enough priests and deacons who do not have a comfort with leading worship in a musical form. Priests coming and going in parish leadership mean that different pastors have different liturgical priorities. The end result is that clergy singing is seem as a personal expression, and less an ecclesial one. In my current situation, our parish has four semi-retired priests. One sings. It is very much seen as his “thing.” That’s unfortunate in my view. But I don’t know how unavoidable it is. If I could ask all Catholic clergy for one of two improvements, preaching and singing, I’d take better homilies every Sunday.

The full document may be found here.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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