Cardinal Müller, Just Out Of Date?

My online friends inclined to anti-Amoris seemed to have latched onto Cardinal Müller’s public musings on divorced and remarried Catholics receiving Communion as a supposed reason for non-renewal of his position. Another reason surfaced in this weekend’s discussions. A former member of the Vatican’s abuse commission, survivor Marie Collins had this direct revelation:

Cardinal Müller’s dicastery was the one that was resisting change. So that may be a sign that (Pope Francis is) not going to take resistance anymore and will push harder. It’s just that things seem to move so slowly in the church. And every day, children are at risk. So there really can’t be any acceptance of slowness or defensiveness or old views that are long out of date.

Most telling would probably be how the cardinal worked with colleagues in other departments. Or not. One thing we’ll probably never see: other dicastery heads saying this guy needed to go.

As for varied viewpoints within a working situation, the problem isn’t that they exist. In parishes I’ve served over the years, the bigger obstacle is interpersonal dynamics, not ideologies. One liturgical example was a situation where I served in a parish under a pastor perceived to be somewhat liberal. An associate pastor who was more of a by-the-book guy was chafing over a small ritual bit: omitting the Gloria during Ordinary Time. He was a little surprised when I told him I favored singing it year-round as he did. I lamented he never approached me as I was considered somewhat aligned with that pastor as my hiring was largely his idea–we had worked together previously in the diocese on committees. The younger priest and I actually had more than a few commonalities, especially in the liturgical sphere. It’s just that we came to the same conclusion from different viewpoints, as it were. The irony is that I always thought I would have worked as well or even better with the newly-minted cleric.

Just my opinion: it’s an out-of-date idea that conflict has to be conflicting.


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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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