Aparecida 100cd: Shadows in Evangelization, Catechesis, Pastoral Ministry

Evangelization problems run through these two sections. The Latin American bishops could well be speaking to us in North America. Or Europe. Or maybe just about anywhere in Catholicism. We have yet to grasp we’ve moved into a new era with new challenges. We’re using horse and buggies on superhighways.


c) We observe how little lay people are accompanied in their tasks of service to society, particularly when they take on responsibilities in the various structures of the temporal order.

Milquetoast efforts at evangelization, and fussing about catechesis instead of attending to the mission:

We note an evangelization with little ardor that does not use new methods of expressions, an emphasis on ritualism without the proper formative itinerary, neglecting other pastoral tasks.


An individualistic spirituality concerns us.


We likewise find a relativistic mentality in the ethical and religious realm, failure to apply creatively the rich wealth contained in the Church’s social doctrine, and sometimes a limited understanding of the secular character that constitutes the proper and specific identity of the lay faithful.

We are speaking, but people don’t listen:

d) Evangelization, catechesis, and pastoral ministry as a whole, are still speaking languages that mean little to contemporary culture, and to young people in particular. Often the language used seems to ignore the change of existentially relevant codes in societies influenced by postmodernity and marked by broad social and cultural pluralism. Cultural changes hamper the transmission of the faith by the family and society. The Church does not seem to be responding with a significant involvement in shaping culture, especially in the university environment and the mass media communications.

I’d say ten years on the internet hasn’t helped a whole lot. Some Catholics are still using 19th century language in 21st century media. Everything the bishops are saying here applies to Catholics in the US.



For deeper examination, an English translation of the 2007 document from the Aparecida Conference.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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