Things Understood and Not Understood

I can’t think of much to say about Charlottesville that others haven’t already said, and said well. Like here.

I understand how easily violence can break out. I don’t put the qualifier “these days” on that sentence, because I think it’s always bubbling under the surface of sinful humanity. Iraq. Some person of color deemed too “uppity” by a police officer. Any bullying situation in a school. Lynchings. Burning witches. Lots of video stuff–games and television. Don’t buy the line that these times are something special. They’re not. They’re making us a little more uncomfortable.

I don’t understand why so many white guys have been duped by some self-styled white elite. There are people who want them to be angry at women, blacks, and liberals. That means they aren’t angry at white guys gaming the system. Such folk often want to keep more money for themselves. It seems brutally obvious to me. Then there’s the spectacle of men of Slavic origin promoting a political ideology that sidelined their great-grandfathers eighty years ago. And buying Polynesian torches.

I understand that many people feel it’s important to stand up in public to oppose hateful demonstrations.

I don’t understand why more people didn’t bring supersoakers to dowse the backyard lighting decor.

I understand the public shaming of the pseudo-Nazis, and that people would want to see them lose their jobs, girlfriends, facebook friends, or whatever.

I don’t understand why job-sabotaging is important. Everybody needs a job. It’s often the main way a person contributes to society. Take that away, and misanthropes end up living in their parents’ basements and reading propaganda.

I wish I had the measure of the best response to white elite marches. I’d like to think that some degree of humor might defuse the situation. Yelling and screaming in reply arouses passions that can be put to use writing, giving, binding others’ wounds. A non-violent response doesn’t seem to make a dent. But we aren’t likely to make converts by getting them fired.

The white elites and counter-protesters were out in Seattle yesterday. I think if they came to my side of the Sound, I’d have to go.


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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Things Understood and Not Understood

  1. Devin Rice says:

    I have mixed emotions about the public shamming and job losses in this case. As a rule I am also against public shaming and I agree that one shouldn’t lose one’s job unless it impacts there ability to due the work. That being said, they didn’t casually tweet something or were not secretly filmed. They publicly showed up to a march the turned violent. I am not sure how to respond other than with prayer.

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