Coverage of the Sun

Put up earlier on my facebook page.

Getting ourselves set up on the side porch. The young miss with NASA tv on the laptop. My half-broken binoculars projecting the sun’s image onto a clothing box:

My guess is that we were at about 9:20 above.

Our neighbors stopped in to view. Captured some images near local maximum where the sun was about 95% covered:

Around this time, the image was getting hard to focus. It took me a few minutes to realize the sun was passing behind a tree branch behind our home. Relocated briefly to the landing, then went inside to catch the coverage from around the country on the big screen.

I feel a bit sorry we didn’t go for the big adventure in Oregon. Between all the events of the last week: a death in the family, some bumps in the college application process, plus a super-busy week at the parish (two big funerals, a wedding, a holy day, plus the usual weekend schedule) none of us in the family were feeling up to chancing the traffic and the other unknowns of the trip. I thought we had a campsite lined up in central Oregon last month, but friends changed plans and we were left to our own resources.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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