Nice Ship

Image result for orville shipBefore reading the reviews, my wife and I viewed the new sf show from Fox/Seth MacFarlane. Then I read the reviews. I had never experienced the series star before, so I have no point of reference to the criticisms of the actor for his previous media activity. Some impressions follow …

As for the Star Trek connection, the show seems two-thirds homage and one-third spoof. Twenty-five years after the golden age of Star Trek on television, the visuals seem more polished. I guess they can do this more cheaply than they could in 1992.

On that note, the aliens seem rather cartoonish. But maybe that’s the comedy part breaking through.

There’s the sex and elimination jokes. Too many, and usually not funny. Speaking of science orientation, I’d say The Big Bang Theory does the comedy thing way better. I’ve always wondered what would happen if some sf angle happened on TBBT and some of them got whisked off into the future or into space. I think their braintrust could do it better than Mr MacFarlane.

So my wife asked me what I thought. Despite the problems, I liked it a bit more than I was prepared to do so.

Meanwhile, in the Star Trek universe, people keep insisting on two failed propositions: slavish imitation that would get Fox sued and going back in time rather than forward. Original ideas, please.




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