What’s Around, What’s Up Ahead

Site traffic keeps pace as people come here looking for wedding and funeral readings. I somewhat miss the repartee of the old days. For that, I guess there’s still Facebook.

Pope Francis’ address the other week to the bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean: the whisperer thinks highly of it. It might be in the same vein as the Aparecida. Updated a bit for this decade. We might have a look there in a few days when I get some bits of time.

I see a tv celebrity has been biting into politicians, getting called out, and pummeling away in response. Good for that, because it has to do with medical insurance. The only way a politician is going to win this one–aside from having a really good idea (which seems a distant possibility) is to give up politics and get a show in the same time slot on another network. Seems like tv celebrities have been going in the opposite direction–into politics–lately.

Anyway, this is one of the few times I can actually empathize with a celebrity, having a child who faced three major operations as a youngster and worrying for her future in an America where GOP ideas about health insurance seem the rage. I can only hope this latest anti-ACA attempt goes down to humiliating defeat.

I see LifeSiteNews is in full Karl Rove mode these days. Somebody should tell these people there’s a new pope, and that the only people who care about getting people fired are ideological cannibals who would only turn on each other if the Church were suddenly uniformly elder sibling. Because: even twins have an elder and a younger.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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