Third Law

Newton’s Third Law governs our universe where objects and forces are involved. In the realm of human social interaction, people have yet to be quantified to the extent Asimov’s fictional psychohistory suggests, but there is often a result from the pushback of human versus human.

With the kerfuffle over Fr James Martin’s latest book and subsequent disinvite from a few elder sibling haunts, sales are nearly guaranteed to increase. I would bet that those sales aren’t from concerned Catholics reading the book to confirm what they hear on the ChurchMalicious site and other locations of interest. But I’d be sure that any loss in speaker income will be balanced off by increased royalties. HarperCollins must be scanning the latest hot-button issues and locating the next best seller topic for their author.

I noticed the president suggested NFL owners need to go “apprentice” on protesting players. I suspect more guys, not just blacks, will be “doing the Tebow” during pre-game ceremonies. Imagine if major league sports gave more leg room to fans. Still, it could be worse from the viewpoint of our corporate masters. It’s already getting worse, with the latest police bungling that resulted in the shooting death of a deaf man.

The missing element in all this among the detractors is the virtue of prudence. Sure, the theological virtues trump the cardinals. And love wins big over all. But that doesn’t mean the other virtues can be ignored or excluded from consideration.

This has been a very bad weekend for the screamers in our midst. Not only would it be good to calm down the human neighborhood. But it’s ugly watching people shooting themselves in the foot, then trying to chop it off.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Third Law

  1. Church Malicious is a frightening organization. And you are right. I am tempted to buy Fr. Martin’s book just to spite them.

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