Papal Clarity on Translations

I did see this letter before I headed to church this morning, but since I don’t read Italian (the language of the original), I knew I could wait a few hours and somebody would chime in. Like here.

Pope Francis’ letter to the head of the Liturgy dicastery is interesting on many points. But two are sufficient for discussion. Firstly:

The authority of LA is clearly restricted by the pope’s recent motu proprio. It is no longer the case that “translations must conform in all points to the norms of Liturgiam authenticam.”  Pope Francis writes that “individual numbers of Liturgiam authenticam  must be carefully reconceived, including nos. 79-84.”  The passages cited are those dealing with the responsibilities of episcopal conferences and of Rome.

LA 79 deals with the process of submission, 80 concerns the recognitio but not without the concerns of the CDWDS being a potential obstacle to unity between bishops and pope, 81-83 with particulars of procedures, and 84 covers the instance of a lack of resources for publishing. Not heady theological stuff. It’s all administrative, but in the case of the CDWDS overhauling Vatican II, not without its problems.

This is big:

In a weighty passage which seems to cast LA in a new light, the pope writes that fideliter  (“faithfully”) in his motu proprio “implies a threefold fidelity: in primis,  to the original text; then to the particular language in which it is translated, and finally to the comprehension of the text by the recipients.”

It seems to dial back Liturgiam Authenticam about three decades–which is progress.

Any thoughts?

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1 Response to Papal Clarity on Translations

  1. Liam says:

    I welcome this, but realize that the American prelatial bench, while being tweaked in some important ways, is not one I’d expect much from on this score at present….

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