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Long Antiphons

One piece of editing I might like to see in the next edition of the Roman Missal is a shortening of some of the longer antiphons. I’m not advocating omissions–just thoughtful placement into verses or descants or somewhere where the … Continue reading

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VNO 16: For Reconciliation

It is impermissible to celebrate sacramental confession as part of Mass. But there are aspects of the Rite of Penance that do not involve a sacramental form. It might be a curious occasion if a priest is available for Mass, … Continue reading

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Aparecida 261: Piety Appeals To the Believer’s Affect

Some look with less regard on the connections of faith to the emotional life of human beings. I think that disregard is an error. We are created as beings not only of intellect, but also of feelings. Emotions can allow … Continue reading

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