Aparecida 266: Mary, Disciple and Missionary

Over the coming week, we will explore the role of Mary in the evangelizing mission of Latin America and the Caribbean. This section is titled, “Mary, disciple and missionary.” Does that help us to pause and ponder? These are true titles, but not ones usually associated with the Blessed Mother.

Mary is a means of seeing and affirming the Trinity:

266. The greatest realization of Christian existence as trinitarian living as “children in the Son” is given us by the Virgin Mary, who by her faith (cf. Lk 1:45) and obedience to God’s will (cf. Lk 1:38) and by her constant meditation on the Word and on the actions of Jesus (cf. Lk 2:19, 51), is the Lord’s most perfect disciple.(Cf. Lumen Gentium 53)

Vatican II professes her as “disciple.” She is also a member of the community of believers–that sounds like a commonality with us.

As the Father’s interlocutor in his project of sending his Word to the world for human salvation, Mary, by her faith, becomes the first member of the community of believers in Christ, and also collaborates in the spiritual rebirth of the disciples. Her figure emerges from the Gospel as a free and strong woman, consciously directed toward true following of Christ.

Mary is also a pilgrim:

She has fully experienced the entire pilgrimage of faith as mother of Christ and then of the disciples, and yet has not been saved from incomprehension and continually having to seek the Father’s project. Thus she came to stand at the foot of the cross in deep communion, so as to then fully enter into the mystery of the covenant.

That notion of pilgrimage is important. Perhaps we think the purpose of a pilgrimage is to find Mary. If we were to look deeply, would we find her with us, seeking us as she once sought her son? (Cf. Luke 2:41-52)

For deeper examination, check this English translation of the 2007 document from the Aparecida Conference.


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