The Dilemma of Mr Moore

There’s nothing positive to say about this defense of US Senate candidate Roy Moore:

Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter

Judge Roy Moore.jpgA few of my Catholic fb friends took deep offense at it. I certainly would. I put no confidence in the “safe” depictions of Saint Joseph as an elderly man. The assumption being that an older man would somehow be more trustworthy in living with an ever-virgin. Plus explaining Jesus’ brothers.

Some evangelical Christians sniff in disapproval, though they dearly want to go anti-Dem in their election.

Such a tough situation for our friends the culturewarriors. They might protest the timely convenience of these allegations against Mr Moore. But coming in the year of #metoo, I think such complaints are emptier than they would be in the past. And then there’s 1997, when impeachment was conducted with such glee. Going after sexual misbehavior is already an American pastime. And it’s very, very doubtful that liberals or conservatives are more guilty than their opposite camp.

No doubt, some people are crowing about this opportunity to pick up a Senate seat for the blue side. Any scandal will do. And it looks as though conservatives will twist themselves into knots to justify support for a credibly-accused politician. Any excuse will do. It may be unfortunate that the man likely won’t clear his name before the election next month. But five accusers with a story that’s not that far beyond belief for American Protestants. Just a generation or two ago a single thirtysomething man and teenage girls wouldn’t have raised many eyebrows in some circumstances.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to The Dilemma of Mr Moore

  1. Yay for saying both sides of the aisle have been guilty, but you’re not minimizing the wrongness of child rape based on the fact that in the past it wouldn’t have raised eyebrows, are you?

    I hope I am reading this wrong, my friend. It’s still early in the a.m. for me. Lol

    The growing awareness of sexual harassment/predation as well as the awareness of the psychological unlikelihood of victims making public false claims (though it can happen) is a positive step in the spiritual evolution of mankind.

    • Todd says:

      Minimizing? I hope not. Just pointing out the obvious truth: men taking sexual advantage of women, including younger women, is less acceptable today than it was in the past. And that piece of enlightenment is a very good thing, even if it tramples a few mansplained traditions into disrepute.

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