This Means War

If it’s November, it means we’re on for the War on Christmas Starbucks.

Just a disclaimer here: I probably drink one of their coffees about twice a year, making it unlikely I will drink out of a gay or pagan cup. Honestly, I don’t see the artistic design department channeling the latest family values scandal with these hands. If anything, the hand with the boyish sweater cuff is holding a hand connected to a pair of fashionable girly bangles.

This has the whiff of one of those things brewed up by publicity hounds. Then again, if Fox Noise was promoting pistachios, they’d try to tell us that chestnuts were a liberal plot to take down green-tinted nuts. Between you and me, I think those manly Fox executives mainly want their women scooting between the staff kitchen and the boardroom to bring them their java. No need for $6 cups and cross-gossiping about corporate secrets in the coffeeshop a block over.

Let’s remember the all-American holiday coming up later this week, though. After that, it still won’t be Christmas. We still have this American seasonal observance. No patriotic business enterprise, not even Starbucks, will stand in its way. A few of them will even take away your family time. Judge that for scrooginess, if you will.

Happy Holidays, people.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to This Means War

  1. Liam says:

    Drumming up The War on The War on Christmas. Or is it The War on The War on The War on Christmas.

    This year is the centenary of the US entry into the horrors of World War I, and therefore the centenary of when American merchants began en masse to appeal by late summer to shoppers to get their purchasing done early so – it was considered patriotic to get Christmas packages to soldiers and sailors done early, and also to spread out the burden on the war-burdened US domestic delivery system. That wartime exigency became hard-wired into our culture.

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