Aparecida 336: Encounter With The Living Christ

It could be a mission statement, and why would one want to spend time thinking of something else:

336. Therefore, the goal that the Catholic school sets for itself is to lead children and youth to the encounter with the living Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, brother and friend, Master and merciful Shepherd, hope, way, truth and life, and thus to experience covenant with God and with human beings.

I do like this emphasis:

It does so by aiding in building the personality of the students, having Christ as reference point for mindset and life.

This is clearly not a matter of didactic absorption. “personality” may be a bit limiting; I’d say that Christ can become the focus and spirit of all a person’s relationships, and all a person’s earthly activity, affective as well as intellectual.

As that reference point gradually becomes explicit and internalized, it will help them to see history as Christ sees it, to judge life as He does, to choose and live as He does, to cultivate hope as He teaches us, and to live communion with the Father and the Holy Spirit in Him. By the mysterious fruitfulness of this reference point, persons are built up in their existential unity, that is, they assume their responsibilities and seek the ultimate meaning of their life. Situated within the Church, community of believers, in freedom they are able to live the faith intensely, proclaim it, and celebrate it joyfully in the reality of each day. As a consequence, the human attitudes that lead to sincere openness to truth, to respecting and loving people, to expressing their own freedom in self-giving and in service to others to transform society, mature and become second nature.

In a single notion, we are talking about the imitation of Christ. None of us can hope to express the model of Christ at all times, but a faith community centered on formation of the whole person? Better than any individual.

Remember to check the English translation of the 2007 document from the Aparecida Conference.


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