Aparecida 339: Freedom of Education

Which preposition fits better: of or for?

339. Freedom of education is an unrelinquishable principle for the Church. Broad exercise of the right to education in turn requires, as a condition for its authentic realization, the full freedom that ought to be enjoyed by every person in choosing the education of their children which they consider most in accordance with the values that they prize most and consider necessary. By the fact of having given them life, parents assume the responsibility of offering their children favorable conditions for their growth and the grave obligation of educating them. Society must recognize them as the first and primary educators. The duty of family education as initial school of social virtues is so important that when it is missing it is unlikely to be supplied. This principle cannot be relinquished.(Pontifical Council for the Family, Charter of the Rights of the Family, Art. 3c; October 22, 1983)

The challenge in the West is the indulgence to outsource things we often don’t want to do. Changing motor oil: something I’d consider optional. Taking more than an interest in my child’s education, and actually participating in it: vital. My homeschooling friends often plan trips to museums, plays, concerts, and such. Just one example: why wouldn’t parents who have chosen schools, choose to supplement with field trips of their own?

For deeper examination, an English translation of the 2007 document from the Aparecida Conference.


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