Gaudete et Exsultate

See the source imageSo, a new apostolic exhortation from Pope Francis. My count is that it’s a bit short of twenty-thousand words. I’ve seen a reference to liturgy mid-document, sections 57-59, I think.

Maybe later today, you’ll start seeing regular posts on it. I usually decline reading other commentaries on current documents. Lots of readers, fanboys/girls, and of course, anti-fans have their own opinions. When I searched through the google to get the Vatican site, I did see a reference to a site listing the author as the antipope. But those were the same people who brought you the flying monstrance on YouTube, so there’s that.

The Latin citation translates as “Rejoice and be glad,” not a quote of David Haas as much as part of the conclusion to the Beatitudes. The image, right, is of the scene by the French painter James Tissot.

I spent some time with the footnotes earlier this morning. As usual, these are fascinating and illustrative of the thoughts drawn upon to piece together the document. Recent popes are frequently cited, as are bishops from the frontiers of Africa and Oceania. A number of saints are quoted or referenced, and not just Europeans. Earlier documents and addresses of this pope, too.

While I’m somewhat averse to reading “professional” commentary on the doc, do any of you readers have any initial commentary?

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