GeE 10: The Lord Calls

See the source imageParagraphs 10 through 13 address, “The Lord Calls.” The premise is simple, but not quite as easy as it sounds: every soul is called to be holy. It is a tradition for both Jews and Christians:

10. All this is important. Yet with this Exhortation I would like to insist primarily on the call to holiness that the Lord addresses to each of us, the call that he also addresses, personally, to you: “Be holy, for I am holy” (Lev 11:44; cf. 1 Pet 1:16). The Second Vatican Council stated this clearly: “Strengthened by so many and such great means of salvation, all the faithful, whatever their condition or state, are called by the Lord – each in his or her own way – to that perfect holiness by which the Father himself is perfect”.[Lumen Gentium 11]

The call to holiness was not abrogated in recent centuries. Perhaps it was de-emphasized. The notion of a cultic priesthood is that a class of religious leaders cultivate holiness on behalf of others who have less need to do so. Some have suggested that the so-called vocations crisis is simply a readjustment: there is no net loss of intentional holiness or religious life; it has only transferred to the laity. Obviously there’s no way to measure that in terms of something calculable. We can only have faith.

You can check the full document Gaudete et Exsultate on the Vatican website.


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