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It’s Just A Dress

So, cultural appropriation, or the accusation thereof, is still a thing. A facebook friend alerted me to the use of a qipao as a prom dress in, all of places, Utah. Predictable complaints coming in, and most I’ve seen have … Continue reading

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GeE 25: Activity That Sanctifies

This paragraph through number 31 address “Activity That Sanctifies.” What does Pope Francis mean by this?  25. Just as you cannot understand Christ apart from the kingdom he came to bring, so too your personal mission is inseparable from the … Continue reading

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Aparecida 414: Prophetic Support For Migrants: Universal Citizenship

“Don’t get too political,” some will say. Current policy and attitude toward migrant persons is rife with ignorance and hatred. We are speaking of people: 414. One of the tasks of the Church on behalf of migrants is unquestionably prophetic … Continue reading

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