Aparecida 436: Crimes Against The Unborn And The Aged

The Aparecida bishops advocate not only for support of legislation, but also in the practice of health care so as to protect potential victims of abortion and euthanasia:

436. We hope that legislators, heads of government, and health professionals, conscious of the dignity of human life and of the rootedness of the family in our peoples, will defend and protect it from the abominable crimes of abortion and euthanasia; that is their responsibility. Hence, in response to government laws and provisions that are unjust in the light of faith and reason, conscientious objection should be encouraged. We must adhere to “eucharistic coherence,” that is, be conscious that they cannot receive holy communion and at the same time act with deeds or words against the commandments, particularly when abortion, euthanasia, and other grave crimes against life and family are encouraged. This responsibility weighs particularly over legislators, heads of governments, and health professionals.(Cf. Sacramentum Caritatis, 83; Evangelium Vitae 73, 74, 89)

Even those who ardently support life issues have a role to play, preparing society at large for the service of those who sincerely believe they have no other choice. If we do not, how can we hope to make headway against elements of our society who see these acts as intrinsically good?

For deeper examination, an English translation of the 2007 document from the Aparecida Conference.

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