Aparecida 458: Pastoral Proposals For Women

The Aparecida bishops offered four proposals for women in Latin America and the Caribbean. Given the pushback with “emangelization” in the north, some of this may be seen as overkill. But the experience of #metoo is no less real in the Church compared to media or politics.

458. We propose some pastoral actions:

a) Foster the organization of ministry in such a way as to help to discover and develop the “genius of woman”(John Paul II, Letter to women, June 29, 1995, 11) in each woman and in realms of church and society and promote the broadest prominence of women.

The only caution I’d advance here is that women should not be consigned to some “separate but unequal” ghetto.

b) Assure the effective presence of women in those ministries in the Church which are entrusted to laypeople, as well as in areas of pastoral planning and decision making, esteeming their contribution.

Certainly, it’s slow going in Rome on this point. Clergy often minimalize women in ministry in the north, and it shouldn’t be surprising there’s some stiff pushback in return.

c) Accompany female associations that struggle to overcome difficult situations of vulnerability or exclusion.

Little argument with this one in most any corner, I would think.

d) Promote dialogue with officials for developing programs, laws, and government policies to enable women’s work life to be reconciled with their duties as mothers.

Much needed, but in the north, the 10% are enabled to privileged lives with only one family income needed. Women working isn’t always some brand of personal fulfillment. Like many men, women endure jobs because the reality of housing, raising children, medical insurance and other costs just make it impossible for many millions to continue in the middles class without at least two incomes. I can imagine it is even more difficult in communities south of the Rio Grande all the way to Tierra del Fuego.

For deeper examination, an English translation of the 2007 document from the Aparecida Conference.


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