Aparecida 459-460: Male Responsibilities

Chapter nine, section six, The Responsibility Of The Male And Father Of Family. The responsibilities described don’t seem unique to males, but here they are:

459. In terms of what is specific to them, males are called by the God of life to occupy an original and necessary place in building society, generating culture, and forging history.

An interesting question ahead:

Deeply motivated by the beautiful reality of love whose source is Jesus Christ, men feel strongly invited to form a family. There, in an essential disposition of reciprocity and complementarity, for the fullness of their own life, they experience and appreciate the active and irreplaceable richness of women’s contribution, which enables them to recognize more clearly their own identity.

How much does male identity depend on contrast with women? It would be a problem in the alternate: women aren’t not-males, and men aren’t not-females.

460. In all the spheres that constitute his calling and mission, the man as baptized must feel sent by the Church to give testimony as disciple and missionary of Jesus Christ. However, in many instances unfortunately he tends to give up this responsibility and delegate it to women or wives.

This is a challenge. I recall a sociological study across all major world religions that found that women were always more active in their faith, even in patriarchal, male-dominant religions. Is it a handicap, or an opportunity for deeper growth?

For deeper examination, an English translation of the 2007 document from the Aparecida Conference.

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