Aparecida 463abc: Pastoral Proposals For Fathers

Today, the first of two posts in which the Aparecida bishops summarize how they propose to reach out to men. The first three are for the cause of fatherhood.

463. The follow pastoral actions are proposed:

a) Revise the contents of the various catecheses in preparation for the sacraments and ecclesial activities and movements related to family ministry, to foster proclamation and reflection on the vocation that the male is called to live out in marriage, the family, the Church, and society.

It is easy to think of our problems and ponder, “If only people knew better …” It’s not always about catechesis. Sometimes men must provide a role model for others. In the past, with extended family nearby, good examples might have been at hand.

Evangelization, another matter better suited to apprenticeship rather than classroom learning:

b) Deepen in the relevant venues of ministry, the specific role that the male is to play in building up the family as “domestic church,” especially as evangelizing disciple and missionary of his own home.

Youth ministry:

c) Promote in all realms of Catholic education and youth ministry, the proclamation and development of values and attitudes to aid young men and women to acquire the skills that will enable them to foster the role of the man in married life, in the exercise of fatherhood, and in educating the faith of their children.

The involvement of older men as mentors in youth ministry: a challenge anywhere.

For deeper examination, an English translation of the 2007 document from the Aparecida Conference.

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