Guess Who’s Disinvited Now?

I might part company with people who perceive themselves as close to me in political belief on this opinion. A spokesperson for a prominent politician was asked to leave a restaurant after her party was served the snack course. I might appreciate the squirms if Ms Sanders and her party were dining at my establishment. But as much as I think the president and his men and women are wrong-headed about Christianity as well as America, I would let the diners dine.

Restauranteur Stephanie Wilkinson had better things to do than turn the president’s press secretary away. Especially after they were seated and eating. Maybe the moment comes when they appear at the door. Or when they make a reservation. But I still think it’s the right thing to do to be hospitable and welcoming. Worst-case scenario, it heaps coals. The furthest I might go would be to take the official aside and admit my unease, but welcome them to my hospitality anyway.

In the long run, these things escalate. Even if conservatives forget the last time they bounced someone from their table.

In the same vein, readers here know I’ve been opposed to the disinvite-a-speaker tactic, especially after an agreement and contract had been engaged. I think moments come for protesting. Sometimes it can be done with quiet effectiveness.

I also think the attempt to imitate the president’s brusqueness is wrong-headed. A recent First Lady suggested when the opposition goes low, we go high. I think it’s not too soon to deviate from that mission.

Liberals, progressives, mainstream Americans need to face up to an undeniable fact: we lost the 2016 elections across the board. Blame whomever. But fix what needs to be fixed: early voter registration, better candidates, clearer message, minimal gaffes, high ethical standards, lack of attention to state and local elections. Taking it out on Sarah Huckabee Sanders is just like the travel ban, the wall, the child-trafficking policy, and anything else we hate about administration #45 and its Congress. It’s vengeance. We don’t need it. Let the woman and her party eat. Then change society for the good after closing time.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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