Shopping Around

Grocery BagsUntil a few days ago, I never gave much thought to the phenomenon of seminarians-to-be shopping around for a favorable diocese. Sometimes guys–and I’ve known a few–have a choice. They were born in one see and went to college in another. There may be a valid reason for choosing one over another. They were more inspired by a priest at home or at school. They felt settled in a new city after having worked there for a few years.

With the accusations and concessions coming out of Lincoln, Nebraska the past few days, and knowing the place has been a mecca for a certain brand of Catholicism, I begin to wonder. In Rod Dreher’s coverage of all things Catholic scandal, I thought I remembered seeing some guy’s story involving bouncing to three or four dioceses before he hit gold.

If “good” guys can shop around for the best ideology the Church offers, why not creepy boys looking for the best opportunity to groom a bishop, a vocations director, and brother priests-to-be.

Another commenter there worried about sending a son to seminary. Too bad the better option isn’t available. Just go to grad school and spend two to three years in a parish getting mentored by a good pastor and lay ministers on staff.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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