Aparecida 518fgh: Reaching A City’s Population

518. So that the inhabitants of cities and their outskirts, both believers and non-believers, can find fullness of life in Christ, we feel the need that pastoral agents, as disciples and missionaries, must to strive to develop:

f) Specialized care for lay people in different categories: professionals, business people, and workers.

In the US, we have Red Mass, White Mass, Blue Mass–that’s not a patriotic thing, by the way. But a good case can be made for some kind of outreach to various lay people in their employment groups.

g) Gradual processes of Christian formation, holding events with large crowds, to mobilize the city, giving a sense that the city is an ensemble, is a whole, capable of responding to the feelings of its citizens and in a symbolic language able to transmit the gospel to all persons in the city.

Usually, they turn to the pope for this. Large group events are a vital part of the evangelical impulse–something like seeker services, but more … Catholic … in their approach.

Last question before 518h: Do we still consider those on the margins of urban living?

h) Strategies for reaching places in cities that are closed off, such as housing developments, condominiums, residential towers, or those located in so-called slums and favelas.

Christ would certainly suggest we bring our presence and the Gospel to these places. And to be sure, the Aparecida bishops are not suggesting celebrate a Mass and be done. Mass might be a part of 518f. I suspect the initiative for these other subsections belongs to competent lay persons.

For deeper examination, an English translation of the 2007 document from the Aparecida Conference.

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